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HBI Emergency Lighting Use Case

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The Power of LoRaWAN ® HBI WIRELESS L oRa WAN ® EMERGENCY LIGHTING • CHALLENGE In order to ensure the safety of a building and to comply with legal building and safety regulations, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on the emergency lighting installations. However, conducting manual maintenance of these installations on - site can be a complex, error - prone, and labor - intensive process. • SOLUTION By deploying LoRaWAN emergency lighting luminaires, labor costs can be reduced as they allow for wireless monitoring of their condition and ensure proper operation throughout their lifespan. These luminaires transmit regular status messages, providing information on function and duration tests, malfunctions, and power failures. Additionally, they can receive commands for conducting tests. The recorded data history can serve as evidence to demonstrate compliance with legal regulations. • BENEFITS • Enhanced flexibility • Improved reliability • Real - time monitoring 24/7 • Remote accessibility • Enhanced maintenance efficiency • Cost Effectiveness

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