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data sheet Features and benefits ■ Highest commercially available SAR resolution; up to 25cm ■ All weather, day or night collection ■ See through clouds, smoke, haze and dust ■ High priority on Maxar dedicated capacity ■ Imagery available within 12 hours of collection ■ Best-in-class processing with increased Spotlight scene size and improved focus ■ Key metadata included ■ Private customer archive and multi-level security ■ Integration into trusted Maxar systems ■ Common, multi-source EO/SAR experience via single vendor relationship ■ High combined revisit rates across EO and SAR constellations ■ Global coverage ■ Backed by Maxar's 50+ years of SAR expertise DAY OR NIGHT COLLECTIOn Maxar® provides responsive, secure, and assured access to Umbra's synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites, which produce the highest resolution SAR imagery available commercially, alongside our industry-leading electro-optical (EO) imagery to drive powerful insights. Umbra SAR is integrated into trusted Maxar systems and combines our 50+ years of SAR expertise, industry-leading SAR processing, and decades of proven satellite access operations to give our customers the best multi-source experience available. Highest resolution SAR tasking SAR ACCESS AND TASKING Through a strategic partnership with Umbra, Maxar has secured dedicated SAR capacity, empowering users with assured, all-weather, day or night intelligence collection, mission planning, and change monitoring capabilities. Umbra's high resolution SAR imagery complements Maxar's high resolution EO imagery for increased revisit and exquisite detail 24 hours a day. With SAR Access, users can task, receive, archive, and disseminate SAR imagery within trusted and secure Maxar products like Rapid Access Program (RAP) and specify specific collection windows aligned with their mission needs. With SAR Tasking, users task Umbra's SAR satellites via a simple order form and products are delivered to their preferred location within 7 days of order receipt. Maxar's proprietary, industry-leading SAR processing produces 2x or greater scene size increase and better focus compared to other imagery derived from the same raw data, providing users with more intelligence value per collection and Maxar systems enable automated order handling and status tracking in Access platforms and via email. Make better, faster, and more informed decisions and rapidly respond to changes with the world's most advanced multi-source imagery solution, powered by Maxar and Umbra. Actionable, all-weather insights, day or night Umbra-05 | 50cm | Sanya, China | 10:27pm penetrate clouds Umbra-05 & GeoEye-1 | Luninets, Belarus HI-RES MULTI-SENSOR FUSION Longpo Naval Base, China Le: WorldView-3 | 30cm | 01/23/2023 Right: Umbra-05 | 50cm | 01/27/2023

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