Engaging, Cost-effective, and Connected Care

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Key impacts Why Amwell Reduce costs by diverting members away from high-cost settings for routine care through convenient virtual primary care accessible anywhere, anytime. Create a better member experience by seamlessly integrating primary care into your digital care ecosystem for a simplified and streamlined care journey. Improve member satisfaction with an easy scheduling functionality, physician-to-member chat, and timely access to primary care. running through managed services and fleet monitoring. Converge™ Virtual Primary Care allows you to create a seamless care experience by fully embedding the white- labelled virtual primary care experience within your existing digital care ecosystem and providing easy member access via your website, mobile app, member portal and more. Our clinician load balancing capabilities allow you to offer virtual primary care using your own provider network, Amwell Medical Group, or a combination of both. Amwell Medical Group can serve as a back-up network to increase access to primary and specialty care when needed. 54% of members' gaps in care closed within 3 months of enrollment By the numbers With integrated access to key member data and clinical programs, the virtual primary care provider is empowered to make data-driven intervention recommendations and gap-in-care identification and closures. Physicians can easily ensure the next-best action steps for members with on-formulary e-prescribing, digital lab ordering to in-network lab facilities, integrated referral to specialty care, and easy referral/enrollment in eligible care programs — all done during the member encounter and all within your network. Converge™ Virtual Primary Care member satisfaction with Virtual Primary Care providers 4.9 out of 5 Stars 84% of members using Virtual Primary Care intend to continue doing so

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