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Key impacts Why Amwell Extend existing IT investments and contain costs by transforming LG TVs into digital access points that can help avoid adverse events like patient falls. Increase workforce efficiency by accessing any room within seconds directly from your EHR without sacrificing care quality. Promote digital success by ensuring devices are always up and running through managed services and fleet monitoring. Extension of investment value with multi-use functionality like virtual nursing and e-sitting in addition to the ability to broaden your digital care presence on our Converge platform. Minimal, all-in-one design with built-in microphone and camera saves space and seamlessly blends into your patient rooms. Direct collaboration with EHR vendors and hardware innovator, LG, in addition to support services provide you with an integrated software, hardware, and services solution. Ultra compact Carepoint TV Kit 200L, powered by the future-ready Amwell Converge TM digital care enablement platform, enables you to transform your existing LG patient room TV investments into digital access points that are hardwired into every patient room. Help mitigate personnel shortages and burnout by enabling care providers, nurses and sitters to beam into any patient room from across the hall or across town within seconds directly from your EHR. Carepoint TV Kit 200L For the last two to three years, the norm is for [nurses] to be taking care of 6 or 7 patients at a time, and that's just too much. If I can take away 25% of their task work by doing team nursing and leveraging a virtual nurse who can be in a patient's room within 5 to 10 seconds, that helps manage and make it a more efficient workflow that requires less from that in-person nurse. Ryan Morcrette Director, Virtual Care & Clinical Communications, St. Luke's University Health Network

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