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Unlock digital transformation by modernizing with containers

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Driving agility with containers As organizations look to accelerate their pace of innovation, they are increasingly modernizing their digital backbone of applications and development practices. Building a modern application means building with the latest technologies and development techniques that support greater agility and improved performance, security, and reliability while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). Today, many modern applications are built and deployed as a collection of modular services running on managed container orchestrators and serverless compute technologies that support agility and reduce operational overhead. By modernizing with containers, organizations can deliver better services to customers and keep pace in a competitive landscape. This eBook will discuss containerization and how container services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help organizations wherever they are on their modernization journey. Meet growing demands with application modernization on AWS Digital transformation empowers companies of all sizes to find new ways to leverage technology to boost their agility and better respond to evolving customer needs. Businesses continue to face customer expectations to deliver services swiftly and efficiently. For many companies, an initial step toward digital transformation is modernizing their applications and taking advantage of the managed services, scale, and automation offered by the cloud. A common approach to modernizing applications is container-based deployment. Containers in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment are a powerful way for developers to package and deploy their applications. Whether an organization is new to containers or seeks to improve its existing container strategy, AWS provides choices to help reduce operational efforts and achieve performance excellence, all while delivering cost benefits. 2

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