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Talent Solutions - EMEA QMR Q2 2023 | 80 Bahrain Latest Available Data Q2 2023 Total Labor Force (000s) 842 Employed Workers (000s) 805 Unemployed Workers (000s) 37 Unemployment Rate 4.4% E plo ees E plo ers Own Account or ers o operati es ontri utin a ili or ers Male ears Male ears e ale ears e ale ears Male Male e ale e ale Workforce Statistics Age Profile of Labor Force Labor Force Participation Rates by Age and Sex Males ears e ales ears Males e ales Distribution of Status in Employment ▪ The usual retirement age in Bahrain is 60 years although workers may continue working until 65 years. Number of Participants in Labor Force By Age & Sex (000s) ILOSTAT Modelled Estimates ILOSTAT World Bank

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