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Talent Solutions - EMEA QMR Q2 2023 | 98 South Africa ears ears ears ears ears ears Male Male e ale e ale , , , , , , , , ears Latest Available Data Q2 2023 Total Labor Force (000s) 24,125 Employed Workers (000s) 16,188 Unemployed Workers (000s) 7,937 Unemployment Rate 32.9% ▪ 10% of the Labor force is 55 years+. ▪ Retirement age in South Africa is 60 years. ▪ Compared to Q1 2019, there has been an increase in the number of participants in the Labor force across each of the age groups. In particular, the 45-54 year age group and the over 65s have increased by 11% and 19% respectively. ears ears ears ears ears Workforce Statistics Labor Force Participation Rates by Age and Sex Age Profile of Labor Force Number of Participants in Labor Force By Age (000s) Unemployment Rate by Age TalentNeuron Hiring Demand Trend by Job Function Hiring Demand Trend For Vacancies ILOSTAT

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