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Align with your use cases, requirements, and goals Run on performant, scalable, cost-optimized infrastructure Comply with regulations and responsible AI best practices Put generative AI to work © 2023, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 1 "Generative AI could raise global GDP by 7%," Goldman Sachs, April 2023 2 Sivasubramanian, S., "Announcing New Tools for Building with Generative AI on AWS," AWS Machine Learning Blog, April 2023 3 Based on results from a productivity challenge conducted by Amazon during the Amazon CodeWhisperer preview Every business needs to develop a strategy for generative AI. With the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure, a host of AI solutions, and years of responsible AI expertise, AWS can help you unlock the business value of generative AI today. Explore generative AI on AWS › Generative AI is here, and it's already transforming businesses across industries—with new use cases, products, and services emerging daily. Executives and technology leaders are racing to unlock the technology's potential to improve productivity, customer experiences, personalization, and efficiency. But, for many, the path to realizing these benefits is unclear. This infographic is designed to help you forge ahead—and start improving business outcomes with generative AI today. Discover the business value of generative AI The top 5 generative AI questions on every executive's mind Generative AI is a type of AI that can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music. Generative AI uses foundation models (FMs), which are machine learning (ML) models pretrained on extensive data for adaptability across various tasks. What is generative AI? QUESTION 1 When evaluating the growing list of generative AI models, look for options that: What are the business considerations for generative AI? QUESTION 3 Unlabeled data Foundation model Pretrain Adapt Generative AI Broad range of specific tasks Amazon has a 20+ year history of unlocking the business value of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver packages faster, personalize experiences, and power billions of Amazon Alexa interactions each week. Plus, more than 100,000 customers currently use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for AI. No matter where you are in your AI journey, AWS has the experience and expertise to guide you toward reaching your goals. Democratizing artificial intelligence and machine learning Generative AI can improve outcomes across many industry-specific use cases. Here are just a few examples: Where can you use generative AI? QUESTION 4 Media and entertainment • Accelerate content creation • Enhance music compositions • Upscale, interpolate, and restore images and video Automotive and manufacturing • Improve part design • Develop new in-vehicle experiences • Automate testing and maintenance • Generate training content Healthcare • Generate clinical documentation • Match patients to trials • Analyze multi-modal data • Interpret medical images Financial services • Improve experiences • Enhance knowledge workers • Analyze market sentiment • Innovate and automate business processes Life sciences • Accelerate drug discovery • Design novel protein and synthetic gene sequences • Create synthetic patient data Education • Summarize texts • Automate testing and grading • Personalize and invent new learning experiences Recent advancements in ML have given rise to models that contain billions of parameters—a massive increase from the most sophisticated models of just a year ago. Generative AI models are pretrained on internet-scale datasets, which allows them to learn and apply their knowledge across a wide range of contexts. How is it different from previous generations of AI? QUESTION 2 LARGEST PRETRAINED MODELS 2 1,600X INCREASE IN THE US, GENERATIVE AI IS PREDICTED TO ENHANCE 2 OUT OF 3 OCCUPATIONS 1 $7 TRILLION 1 OVER 10 YEARS, GENERATIVE AI COULD INCREASE GLOBAL GDP BY: How can you add business value with generative AI? QUESTION 5 330M parameters 2019 500B+ parameters 2023 Code generation Improve developer productivity by 57% with Amazon CodeWhisperer 3 Contact center analytics Summarize and extract insights from customer calls Personalization Improve personalized recommendations and generate tailored content Design and creativity Get suggestions, generate prototypes, and explore innovative concepts Virtual assistants Enhance customer experience with human-like responses Conversational search Extract insights from all your corporate information Content generation Create text, images, videos, and music and more

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