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Document ID Document Name Description Document Errata TS 1-1.1.0 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.1.0 Additional modes of roaming and security enhancements specifications/lorawan-specification-v1-1 specifications/fopts-encryption-usage-of-fcntdwn-errata-on- the-lorawan-l2-1-1-specification specifications/errata-l2-1-1-d2d TS 1-1.0.4 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.0.4 Class B and security improvements, clarifications specifications/ts001-1-0-4-lorawan-l2-1-0-4- specification specifications/errata-l2-1-0-4-d2d TS 1-1.0.3 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.0.3 Normative & refined Class B specifications/lorawan-specification-v1-0-3 harmonize-state-transition-errata-on-the-lorawan-l2-1-0-3- specification TS 1-1.0.2 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.0.2 Separated Regional Parameters specifications/lorawan-specification-v1-0-2 TS 1-1.0.1 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.0.1 Various improvements specifications/lorawan-specification-v1-0-1 TS 1-1.0.0 LoRaWAN Link-Layer Specification v1.0.0 LoRaWAN air interface specifications/lorawan-specification-v1-0 RP 2-1.0.4 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 2 v1.0.4 Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe, single-channel GW, relay support specifications/rp002-1-0-4-regional-parameters specifications/errata-cr-us915-and-au915-chmaskctrl- contradiction RP 2-1.0.3 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 2 v1.0.3 AS923-4 to support Israel specifications/rp2-1-0-3-lorawan-regional- parameters RP 2-1.0.2 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 2 v1.0.2 LR-FHSS, and Senegal, Montserrat, Mali, Guinea, Syria and Vanuatu support specifications/rp2-1-0-2-lorawan-regional- parameters RP 2-1.0.1 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 2 v1.0.1 AS923 flexible to cover more countries, Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillippines, Cuba added, CN470 revised 1-lorawan-regional-parameters RP 2-1.0.0 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 2 v1.0.0 Applies to all versions of TS1 including 1.0.4, summary table, CN470 update 0-0-lorawan-regional-parameters RP 1-1.1.0A LoRaWAN 1.1 Regional Parameters rev A Companion doc for TS 1-1.1.0 regional-parameters-v1-1ra RP 1-1.0.3A LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters rev A Companion doc for TS 1-1.0.3 regional-parameters-v1-0-3reva RP 1-1.0.2B LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Regional Parameters rev B Companion doc for TS 1-1.0.2, revised regional-parameters-v1-0-2rb RP 1-1.0.2 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters Companion doc for TS 1-1.0.2 2-lorawan-regional-parameters TS 2-1.1.0 LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces Specification v1.1.0 Geoloc support, extend identification and UDR capability 1-0-lorawan-backend-interfaces TS 2-1.0.0 LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces Specification v1.0.0 Backend interfaces among NS, JS, AS specifications/lorawan-back-end-interfaces-v1-0 specifications/nwkid-length-fix-for-type-3-and-type-4-netids- errata-on-the-lorawan-backend-1-0-specification Link Layer Specification Backend Interfaces Specification Regional Parameters FUOTA Specifications

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