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90% of the $4.1 trillion annual health care expenditures in the United States are for patients with chronic and mental health conditions. 1,2 Chronic conditions affect 6 out of 10 adults living in the US and are the leading cause of disability and death. 3 Social determinate of health (SDOH), lifestyle factors, and health equity There are a variety of conditions in the current socioeconomic climate that affect the equitable access of healthcare resources and opportunities, including but not limited to age, ethnicity and race, educational background, economic status, geographic location, gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical abilities. 5 Lifestyle factors also affect the incidence, risk, and mortality of many chronic health conditions, and are often influenced by a lack of equitable access. 6 Amwell Automated Care Programs are designed with the goal of advancing health equity in chronic condition care, bridging the gaps for struggling healthcare systems to keep patients connected with health system resources and management teams. We connect patients across their entire care journey to help health systems provide higher quality care and patient management and empower patients to self-manage their healthcare journey. Patients with chronic conditions often struggle with how to manage their conditions and navigate a complex healthcare system, while providers face the challenge of ensuring support between in-person visits, decreasing patient risk and increasing billable appointments and procedures to drive revenue. Amwell Automated Care Programs for Chronic Conditions provide a personalized virtual companion to guide patients through their healthcare journey and supply educational content through sophisticated, intelligent virtual conversations. Our program gathers patient-generated health data to proactively identify potential issues and flag necessary interventions, optimizing provider engagement. Providers can monitor and manage patients at scale, keeping patients updated and connected on treatment plans to escalate care and prevent leakage. As a seamless, integrated experience, there's no need to manage multiple systems and Automated Care programs run automatically once deployed and can be used on any deviceā€”no need to download. Amwell Automated Care Programs for Chronic Conditions Support patients throughout their care journey with a personalized virtual companion. Automated Care Programs Nearly 60% of all ED visits are for patients with chronic conditions 4 $6000+ Direct health care costs for a patient with a chronic condition annually 4 5x the costs of a patient without a chronic disease 4 Patients with chronic diseases have more frequent and longer hospital stays, driving higher hospitalization costs 4

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