Real Deployment Benefits for Smart Utilities

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LoRaWAN ® LIVE When sensor is required to be on the wall, wire connection could make a broken issue Water metering in person with handheld device 22 Leotek Smart Metering Solution Many meters are placed at the difficult position to be metered by person Limited location Ste p 2 : LoRaWAN P2P cov e rs shadow area LoRaWAN Cellular Ste p 1 : M e tering solution with LoRaWAN Wire connection Metering Data collecting Person sends the data Many meters that place into metering box has not water-proof specification Lack of device quality Metering Terminal Gateway Control Center Server LoRaWAN Server Gateway Handy installation Wireless connection comes an handy and no damage issues No shadow area Covering shadow area with its own technology Quality Assurance IP68 grade for water and dust proof and long battery life powered by LoRaWAN LoRaWAN P2P Collecting Terminal Cellular Metering + Terminal Unsafety place to meter by person As-was Leotek Solution with LoRaWAN ® Wire connection Control Center

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