Real Deployment Benefits for Smart Utilities

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LoRaWAN ® LIVE 31 Conductor Down Open Circuit Fault Problem: • In general, a fault such as this on the source can be detected by the upstream systems • Load Side Fault may have only 200 mA of ground fault current may flow • Too small to be detected Solution: •Using Phase Data delivered over LoRaWAN ® technology a new device which can provide the comms to solve this problem. •Array of Devices which can reliably transmit the data to determine the load side conductor is in contact with the ground. •Extensive use of data provided over the LoRaWAN ® devices and network to compare devices on the Source and Load. Why LoRaWAN ® : • Low power means energy harvesting is possible. • Flexible network – Where and when it is needed • Standards and Ecosystem: Access to a wide range of solutions and reduced vendor lock in.

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