Real Deployment Benefits for Smart Utilities

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LoRaWAN ® LIVE 35 Why LoRaWAN ® Ultra Low Pow er • Low est pow er of any LPWAN technology • Ultra compact battery • Very long battery lif e • Potential to extend device battery lif e using solar pow er Service Levels • LoRaWAN certif ication program and NNNCo N- tick device certif ication program • Guaranteed end-to- end service levels of data f rom device to middlew are platf orm to end user applications Large Ecosystem • Supported by the largest global technology ecosystem • Massive open multi- vendor ecosystem of devices, gatew ays and applications • Globally interoperable technology Low Cost, Wide Area • Minimal CAPEX investment to provide a w ireless communication netw ork Open Technology • Global open standard technology • Non-proprietary hardw are throughout the end-to-end components f rom devices to w ireless netw ork inf rastructure equipment ie: base stations / gatew ays Multiple Use Cases • Widest range of use cases f rom purpose-built custom devices meeting specif ic use cases to of f - the-shelf mature global devices Flexible Model • Option to ow n the netw ork inf rastructure, w ith NNNCo managing and operating the netw ork, resulting in non- regulated revenue f low • Unique proven business model Seam less Integration • Netw ork comes w ith middlew are data platf orm N2N-DL • Seamless integration w ith any existing internal systems, new systems or third party platf orms through standardised & normalised APIs

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