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5177 Brandi n Court, Frem ont, CA94538 | Tel : +1 51 0 -4 9 2 -4044 | Fax : +1 510 -4 9 2 -4001 | www.l o ra -al l i anc e.org Security FAQ elements. HTTPS and VPN technologies are recommended for securing communication between these critical network elements, in much the same way as is done in any other telecom systems. If LoRaWAN uses an unlicensed band, is it secure? LoRaWAN networks typically operate in unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands. Competing licensed-spectrum system providers often try to imply that ISM bands are unregulated and noisy, however the ISM bands are heavily regulated in their respective jurisdictions to ensure fair co-existence of devices using them. The resilient LoRa Spread Spectrum modulation scheme can demodulate a signal down to 17 dB below the noise floor, ensuring optimal performance in the presence of interference, which can happen in any band, licensed or unlicensed. What should I do if I find a vulnerability in the LoRaWAN specifications? The importance of security in the LoRaWAN specifications is taken very seriously by the LoRa Alliance, and every effort is made to ensure the security foundation is solid. However, if any part of the LoRaWAN specifications is considered to have a vulnerability, the LoRa Alliance should be notified at security@lora- alliance.org. If the vulnerability is an implementation security issue, this would need to be taken up by the relevant manufacturers. If the vulnerability is a deployment issues, this would need to be taken up with the relevant network operator(s). Where are the LoRaWAN security mechanisms specified? All security mechanisms are defined in the LoRa Alliance specifications, which can be downloaded by the public from https://lora-alliance.org/resource-hub.

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