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2023, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Startup Profile Onit is a leading provider of legal workflow solutions for enterprise legal management (ELM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM). Onit's comprehensive product portfolio customizes AI-driven workflows for managing matters, spend, vendors, and contracts. 30% total cost of ownership reduction 6 complex cloud landscapes consolidated into 1 comprehensive platform Security posture modernized across subsidiaries Reasons for Migration • Broadest market reach: Enhanced scalability and performance across cloud ecosystem • Migration support programs and resources: AWS Marketplace and go-to market support • Most comprehensive and performant infrastructure: Advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for document processing • Comprehensive security and compliance support: Reduced operational risk using AWS' global infrastructure AWS Solution With the AWS account team, Onit implemented a multi-phased approach to migrate from a multicloud/hybrid environment to AWS-native managed services environment. Leveraging AWS migration resources, Onit modernized its core application platform using EKS and RDS Aurora which allowed the company to migrate and integrate acquired products easily. AWS also formulated a training/upskilling plan including customized Immersion days and deep dive training. AWS Services Customer Challenges Onit made six acquisitions within three years, creating redundancies and complexities in our IT infrastructure. Price performance and scale efficiency were challenging across a intricate ecosystem of vendors and hybrid cloud providers. Consolidating would increase security posture, compliance, and resiliency — key factors for Onit's target market. Customer Benefits Startup Migration Stories Our account team quickly solves problems. When deeper knowledge was required, we found topic specialists and immersed ourselves in training. AWS proactively monitored costs and security posture while enabling us with the tools to self- serve, resulting in major efficiencies and increased visibility." Todd Pagni, Head of DevOps, Onit Amazon Aurora Amazon CloudWatch Amazon EBS Amazon EKS Amazon RDS Amazon SageMaker AWS Organizations

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