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2024 CASE STUDY Deployment of LoRaWAN ® Networks in Healthcare Sector CONTEXT Viamed Salud is one of the most important private hospital groups in the Spanish healthcare sector. Since its establishment in 2001, Viamed has experienced significant growth, expanding to a total of 13 hospitals and 15 healthcare centers across Spain. Currently, it has 2300 healthcare professionals, 1035 beds, and 50 operating rooms, attending 850000 medical consultations and 85000 surgeries annually. Equipped with high technology equipment and a strong innovative spirit, Viamed aims to be at the forefront of hospital care, providing the best healthcare services to its patients. CHALLENGE One of the foundations of Viamed is to offer excellent healthcare for its patients based on the proper operation and functioning of all its infrastructure and high-tech equipment. However, ensuring this efficiency in a context of facilities and centers dispersed throughout the national territory is not a simple task. How can Viamed obtain real-time information on the operation of its centers and infrastructures (climate control, electricity, temperatures, etc.)? How can a comprehensive view of the status of the facilities be achieved? SOLUTION In this context, the collaboration between Viamed and Aritium is based on the search for technological solutions that can answer these questions. By leveraging the potential of LoRaWAN and deploying private networks in all its centers, an innovative tool has been developed to enable smart and real-time management of all Viamed healthcare centers without undertaking major construction works and at a reduced cost. With the combination of IoT and AI, the Aritium Platform has achieved a global and comprehensive remote view of its facilities. Thanks to the 30000 daily messages from the 300 devices installed in 16 Viamed centers, nine different use cases have been deployed for the optimization and automation of many processes, from environmental factors and temperature monitoring to emergency alert systems or water leak detection. However, this implementation marks the inception to a future where integrating new solutions to cover new use cases occurs even more easily and effectively, thanks to the high scalability provided by LoRaWAN. Healthcare Europe Partnership Solution BENEFITS With these solutions, Viamed Salud has started its journey of transformation towards what we know as a Smart Hospital. This approach brings substantial benefits in various areas: Efficiency is achieved through the automation of processes in hospitals and healthcare centers, allowing health professionals to focus on what truly matters: patient care. Quality of care is ensured by obtaining high-quality data and information, developing innovative solutions that guarantee the proper functioning of different processes within hospitals and healthcare centers, such as maintaining the cold chain in the storage of medications and vaccines. Professional experience of healthcare providers is enhanced with the implementation of solutions that help prevent potential risks or emergencies (panic buttons) and simplify tasks by working in a much more automated and efficient environment. Finally, patient experience is maximized by dedicating more time and attention to their care, improving its experience and reducing unnecessary wait times. Aritium Technologies, S.L.

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