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Transform the future of manufacturing operations Accelerate innovation with industrial data Leading industrial generative AI use cases CUSTOMER DATA IT DATA Develop new and improved designs faster Run simulations with synthetic data, uncover innovative designs, and engineer and improve products faster Minimize downtime and optimize production Equip workers with institutional knowledge and reliable recommendations for input adjustments, required maintenance, and more Increase supply chain visibility and minimize risk Source alternate vendors, generate resource allocation recommendations, and answer supply chain queries in real time Put industrial data to work with generative AI Combined with an end-to-end data strategy, generative AI accelerates innovation and creates substantial business value for manufacturers. By training FMs on their data or using services with built-in generative AI capabilities, manufacturers can put their data to work to improve product engineering, production, and supply chain visibility. To remain competitive, today's manufacturers need to move fast—quickly interpreting data into actionable insights and embracing innovation that keeps them one step ahead. But they also need to act with precision to develop new and better designs faster, optimize production, minimize downtime, reduce risk, and increase supply chain visibility. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) delivers speed and intelligence to transform the future of manufacturing. With generative AI, manufacturers can improve demand forecasting accuracy, reduce material waste, and push the boundaries of what's possible. © 2024, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Ready to begin your generative AI journey? The following steps can help you start with the right strategy: Modernize your manufacturing with generative AI Foundation models (FMs) Benefits "[Amazon] Quicksight's new Q-powered authoring experience is a huge time saver to create calculations without stopping for reference, build visuals fast, and then refine the visual presentation for a precise experience, all with natural language." Christoph Albrecht, Data Engineering & Analytics Expert, BMW Group Grow revenues with product and service differentiation Reduce the time and cost of production Improve employee productivity and factory efficiency PRODUCTION DATA ENGINEERING DATA MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR DATA SUPPLY CHAIN DATA "The potential generative AI brings is huge…with direct access to FMs from AWS and third parties, [Amazon] Bedrock allows for quick and easy experimentation, development, and deployment." Brett Buehl, Senior Software & AI/ML Engineer, Boeing Intelligence & Analytics Driving insights with data Modern manufacturers face intense pressures to do more faster, with less cost and waste. Generative AI can help bridge the gap—but first, manufacturers must access, unify, and migrate mountains of industrial data to the cloud. Data sources Take the next step by reading The Future of Manufacturing with Generative AI ebook. Discover how AWS can help sharpen your competitive edge and increase innovation with the power of generative AI. Download the ebook › Contact AWS for Industrial › Define your objectives Identify specific real-world use cases Select FMs that best fit your applications Collaborate with experts

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