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EDITORIAL FOCUSING ON SAFETY Every year around this time, SCORE Journal reminds us to pay attention to various safety aspects of off-road motorsports. Fortunately through the last 50 years that SCORE has been around, safety for racers, teams, and fans has improved due to the importance of awareness. The safety experts we spoke with in this issue, want to make sure racers are especially aware of the latest innovations and trends in safety gear for racing. The helmets are getting lighter and can absorb more impact. Racing suits are lighter, breathable, and can be printed with amazing graphics. Fire suppression systems are fully automatic and the extinguishing agent is not damaging to components or occupants. Aside from all the innovations leading to the modernization and improvements in these key safety components, all of the manufacturers we spoke with had one common wish that all racers and teams would follow -- maintenance. When asked, the manufacturers we spoke with wanted all racers and teams to properly maintain and thoroughly check their racing gear, from the fire suppression bottles of agent and pull levers, to the small dent in their helmet, or how long they've had those racing gloves and shoes. Safety starts with checking the gear over and over again. In this issue, we also spoke with a couple of racers, Tavo Vildosola and Dustin Grabowski, who shared their amazing stories of dealing with vehicle fires during a race. Both of their stories are something every team should read and take note of how these fires happened, what went through their minds as they happened, and the steps they took to prevent this from happening again. These were lessons well learned from experience and are truly at the heart of this issue's focus on safety. On The Cover - Thanks to Jack Wright at nMedia3 for the amazing cover photos. I' d also like to thank Jeff VanStone at Necksgen for the use of the company's Rev2 Carbon Head and Neck Restraint, Camlock Racing Harness, and Air Max racing seat for the shoot. I also want to thank Ben O'Connor at Impact Racing for the use of the company's EVO 0S20 helmet, the Racer 2.4 Driving Suit, a pair of Phenom Driver 2.0 shoes, and a pair of Patriot Alpha Gloves that were also used in this shoot. 1 1 SCORE JOURNAL VP MARKETING & SALES / PUBLISHER Jim Ryan NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Kurt Miller EDITORIAL DS Media LLC Dan Sanchez Mike Vieira Larry Saavedra Elijah Sanchez CONTRIBUTORS Stuart Bourdon Jack Wright GM SALES & DIGITAL OPERATIONS DerDiZ Media Inc. Todd Horne CREATIVE DIRECTOR DerDiZ Media Inc. Ashley Hanks Horne SCORE STAFF Dominic Clark, SCORE Media Operations SCORE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Art Eugenio COVER Jack Wright Ernesto Araiza PUBLISHED BY SCORE MARKETING LLC 465 South Meadows Parkway #6 Reno, NV 89521, 775-852-8907 Cover and contents are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. ® DAN SANCHEZ EDITOR SCORE JOURNAL 3

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