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The rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications has brought us to an inflection point in the widespread adoption of AI. As generative AI continues to capture attention and imagination, the technology is proving transformative across all lines of business—including engineering, marketing, customer service, finance, sales, and more. For startups across virtually every industry, the race to unlock the business value and competitive advantages of generative AI has become a top priority. Founders are leveraging generative AI to achieve benefits such as: • Faster innovation: Generative AI can fast-track the entire innovation process from ideation to go-to-market. Your team can create three- dimensional renderings of your new product concepts, or even analyze your prototypes data and suggest iterations. • Enhanced customer experiences: Adding generative AI functionality to products and services can lead to deeper, more powerful experiences that attract new customers and help retain existing customers. • Improved productivity: Generative AI can automate tasks and augment creative thinking, allowing your team to complete projects faster and achieve more impactful results. • Accelerated process optimization: Generative AI saves time, allowing you to redirect resources toward higher-value activities—such as building customer relationships or growing the business through innovation. • Enhanced creativity and content generation: Startups can extend the creative thinking of staff with generative AI to both optimize existing content and explore new and innovative ideas. While it's clear that investing in generative AI can yield substantial benefits, startups face several barriers to adoption. Many startup leaders are unsure how they will achieve a positive return on investment (ROI), lack confidence in the skills of their team, don't have the time or resources to prepare their data for training, or have yet to identify the right partner to help them use the technology. INTRODUCTION Solve your most common business challenges with generative AI 2

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