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6 Automate document data extraction and analysis The millions of documents created by your startup contain a treasure trove of insights waiting to be leveraged. Unfortunately, manually processing the ever-growing volumes of data to make them easy to access and search is a cumbersome and costly task. Using AI, your team can gain timely access to the information contained in your documents, leading to new insights that will inform your business decisions. AWS offers three intelligent document processing (IDP) services that can be deployed individually or combined as building blocks to develop an end-to-end document processing solution. Amazon Textract automatically extracts handwriting, printed text, and data from scanned documents. Amazon Comprehend is an NLP service that uses ML to find insights and relationships in text. And Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A21) provides built-in human review workflows to help ensure the accuracy of data. Generative AI complements these services to further automate IDP and accelerate time to insight. You can use generative AI to flag and even correct mistakes, such as incomplete phone numbers, missing documents, or addresses without street numbers. Generative AI can complete this work faster and with fewer resources than traditional IDP workflows, which rely on manual review and complex scripts. Amazon Bedrock makes FMs from leading AI startups and Amazon available through an API, so you can identify and access the model that best suits your IDP requirements. You can also quickly and efficiently build, train, and deploy your own ML models for text extraction and analysis with SageMaker. This fully managed service provides several built-in ML algorithms—such as BlazingText and Linear Learner—that are optimized for text classification, NLP, and optical character recognition (OCR). Learn more › HNRY "Hnry receives thousands of documents every day, from business expense claims to identity documentation. On average, 38% of these documents will have errors in their user-transcribed fields, requiring manual correction by our accounting team. Using Amazon Textract functionality on these documents helps reduce manual data transcription and increase overall accuracy by over 80%. With automatic invoice processing using Amazon Textract, we can continue to simplify managing customer's day-to- day accounting needs, saving them from the tedious, time-consuming task of data entry." James Fuller, Co-Founder & CEO, Hnry IDEAL FOR ALL INDUSTRIES 10

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