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Latin America QMR Q4 2023

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ManpowerGroup: Latin America QMR Q4 2023 | 48 Logistics & Ops – Candidate Availability Campinas, SP Availability: 193,700 Median Salary BRL:34,900 Median Salary: $7,025 Job Volume:716 Hiring: Moderately Difficult São Paulo, SP Availability: 1,365,300 Median Salary BRL:41,100 Median Salary: $8,270 Job Volume: 4,489 Hiring: Moderately Difficult Curitiba, PR Availability: 311,100 Median Salary BRL:39,300 Median Salary: $7,910 Job Volume: 623 Hiring: Moderately Difficult Belo Horizonte, MG Availability: 775,200 Median Salary BRL:39,500 Median Salary: $7,950 Job Volume:808 Hiring: Moderately Difficult Rio de Janeiro, RJ Availability: 601,400 Median Salary BRL:42,000 Median Salary: $8,450 Job Volume: 595 Hiring: Slightly Difficult Foz do Rio Itajai, SC Availability: 32,700 Median Salary BRL:32,600 Median Salary: $6,560 Job Volume: 274 Hiring: Difficult Sorocaba, SP Availability: 34,000 Median Salary BRL:40,200 Median Salary:$8,090 Job Volume:315 Hiring: Moderately Difficult Maringa, PR Availability: 70,300 Median Salary BRL:30,550 Median Salary: $6,145 Job Volume:385 Hiring: Difficult Goiania, GO Availability: 279,600 Median Salary BRL:38,250 Median Salary:$7,695 Job Volume: 280 Hiring: Moderately Difficult Porto Alegre, RS Availability: 52,000 Median Salary BRL:37,900 Median Salary: $7,625 Job Volume:722 Hiring: Moderately Difficult *This chart reflects activity in the top ten domestic markets based on hiring demand for Job Function TalentNeuron

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