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Unleashing the Power of Direct Sourcing

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23 © Crain Communications Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Unleashing the Power of Direct Sourcing | September 2023 Commit, Then Iterate To deploy the direct sourcing of contingent talent and evolve to broader workforce optimization, organizations must fully commit to making the change but are better off taking a phased approach to implementation. Phased Rollout vs. Pilot SIA's research among early direct sourcing adopters reveals one key commonality: Each started with one department, job description or geography, learned quickly from its mistakes and made mid-course corrections before moving on to broader implementation. What's the difference between a pilot and a phased rollout? Commitment. Pilot programs are generally new initiatives implemented on a limited test or trial basis. The implication is that a new initiative like direct sourcing may be discontinued if it doesn't gain traction. A phased rollout is less risky than a big bang deployment, but after testing and refinement, the implementation continues in phases across the entire organization. Adopting a phased strategy implies that the company is committed to moving toward a new approach and model for sourcing contingent workers and maximizing talent. It also helps leaders identify and eliminate the chokepoints that inhibit rapid adoption, and scale their programs with speed and agility. A phased implementation, which breaks up the deployment of direct sourcing into smaller, more manageable "chunks," also facilitates the workforce planning process, the rollout of new technology and the opportunity to build talent pools ahead of demand. You need a robust talent acquisition infrastructure (with the right people, processes and technology) to achieve rapid deployment and scalability, said the senior director of recruiting for a global network of professional service firms. If you don't have that, then you definitely need to take a phased approach. Assemble an Implementation Dream Team Direct sourcing is a strategic change initiative that requires design input and support from other functions across the enterprise. Consider including the following stakeholders and departments when assembling your implementation dream team: B Talent acquisition B Procurement B Legal and finance B Communications and branding B IT B Executive sponsor B Internal and external customers

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