LoRa Alliance_Sample RFP for LoRaWAN Smart Metering 2024-04-13

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2 General Information and Overview [COMPANY] is seeking a meter reading system vendor (Proposer) to design and supply a fully functional fixed-network meter reading system that uses the LoRaWAN ® standard for the reading of our water meters and for eventual integration with other LoRaWAN-Certified CM end devices. [COMPANY] will receive sealed proposals from firms to provide and install an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system for the [DISTRICT] utilizing only end devices (metering interface units [MIUs]) that have successfully passed certification testing by a LoRa Alliance ® -authorized test lab along with related system infrastructure developed in accordance with the LoRaWAN standard. The intent is to select the best-designed LoRaWAN fixed-network AMI system that will utilize the latest technology to provide a state-of-the-art environment that will serve [COMPANY]'s present needs, as well as provide a foundation for the future that allows easy expansion, upgrade, maintenance, and integration and eventual utilization of other LoRaWAN-Certified products that would prove useful to the utility. The entire service area covers approximately [XX] square miles. Section IV outlines the requirements for the AMI system, which must utilize the LoRaWAN standard; requirements for installation; and several interrogatives, allowing the Proposer to discuss the capabilities of their system and approach. The successful candidate will supply all equipment necessary to install the preferred system, which must use the LoRaWAN standard, as well as act as system implementation specialists. The current plan is that the installation shall be performed by the system bidder. Tasks shall include coordination of all aspects of the system integration with [COMPANY]'s billing system, pre-testing and troubleshooting of the system during the field installation process, installation of designated meters, and training of both field and office personnel. This proposal includes a project description, scope of work, submission requirements, selection process and criteria, insurance requirements, and a sample professional services agreement. Prospective firms are encouraged to carefully read this request for proposal (RFP) in its entirety. DATE FOR RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS Proposals pursuant to this RFP [XXX] must be received by [TIME, DATE]. PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE An individual pre-proposal conference will be set up upon request. Potential offerors are encouraged to submit written questions in advance of their requested pre-proposal conference date to the [PROJECT CONTACT]. All questions must be submitted in written form to the attention of the General Manager. Questions may be emailed to [E-MAIL]. The deadline for submission of written questions is [DATE].

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