NTN LoRaWAN_Expanding Connectivity Beyond Terrestrial Limits

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LoRaWAN ® NETWORK SERVER END USERS END USERS Terrestrial Gateway GROUND STATION COLLECT / AMPLIFY LoRaWAN ® TRAFFIC LoRaWAN ® NETWORK SERVER ROAMING HUB NTN LoRaWAN ® : EXPANDING CONNECTIVITY BEYOND TERRESTRIAL LIMITS LoRaWAN ® is a mark under license from the LoRa Alliance ® . The LoRa ® mark is a trademark of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries. FLEXIBLE AND AVAILABLE ● LoRaWAN ® allows for terrestrial, satellite or hybrid networks ● Same LoRa ® chipsets ● LEO, MEO and GEO satellite options ● Easily integrated with already-deployed IoT systems and applications ● Global roaming INFRASTRUCTURE BENEFITS ● Low-cost battery-powered devices connect directly to satellite networks ● High capacity with LR-FHSS ● Low power: Satellite connectivity does not impact device power consumption ● Bi-directional communications with LoRaWAN E2E security ● Possible to use LoRaWAN relay specifications for satellite When to deploy NTN LoRaWAN ● Serving remote locations with poor terrestrial coverage (e.g., rural, offshore, maritime) ● Monitoring of critical assets (e.g., railways, roads, bridges, pipelines) ● Monitoring of natural assets (e.g., forests, rivers, glaciers) ● Monitoring of mobile assets for maritime and logistics ● Connection of low-density remote sensors (e.g., utilities, agriculture) ● Monitoring energy infrastructure and renewables (eg O&G platforms, wind turbines)

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