TS009-1.2.0 Certification Protocol

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©2024 LoRa Alliance ® Page 1 of 26 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. LoRaWAN ® Certification Protocol Specification TS009-1.2.0 1 2 NOTICE OF USE AND DISCLOSURE 3 4 Copyright © LoRa Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved. The information within this document is 5 the property of the LoRa Alliance ("The Alliance") and its use and disclosure are subject to 6 LoRa Alliance Corporate Bylaws, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy and Membership 7 Agreements. 8 9 Elements of LoRa Alliance specifications may be subject to third-party intellectual property 10 rights, including without limitation, patent, copyright or trademark rights (such a third party may 11 or may not be a member of the LoRa Alliance). The Alliance is not responsible and shall not 12 be held responsible in any manner for identifying or failing to identify any or all such third-party 13 intellectual property rights. 14 15 This document and the information contained herein are provided on an "AS IS" basis and 16 THE ALLIANCE DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT 17 NOT LIMITED TO (A) ANY WARRANTY THAT THE USE OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN 18 WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY RIGHTS OF THIRD PARTIES (INCLUDING WITHOUT 19 LIMITATION ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS INCLUDING PATENT, 20 COPYRIGHT OR TRADEMARK RIGHTS) OR (B) ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF 21 MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE OR 22 NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT WILL THE ALLIANCE BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OF 23 PROFITS, LOSS OF BUSINESS, LOSS OF USE OF DATA, INTERRUPTION OF BUSINESS, 24 OR FOR ANY OTHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR EXEMPLARY, INCIDENTIAL, 25 PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, IN CONTRACT OR IN TORT, 26 IN CONNECTION WITH THIS DOCUMENT OR THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN, 27 EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGE. 28 29 The above notice and this paragraph must be included on all copies of this document. 30 31 LoRa Alliance ® 32 5177 Brandin Court 33 Fremont, CA 94538 34 United States 35 36 Note: LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are trademarks of the LoRa Alliance, used by permission. All 37 company, brand and product names may be trademarks that are the sole property of their respective 38 owners. 39 40

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