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CONTACT JAX TS0251 2024.05 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International) Humanization of Antibody Variable Domains in Mice Atlas™ Mice are a unique platform with the improved speed, diversity, developability, and affinity that are core to knock-in transgenic antibody mice. Partnering with AbTherx, The Jackson Laboratory is committed to offering this innovative platform with increased accessibility for drug developers of all sizes. Atlas™ Mice (Developed by AbTherx) Wild Type Mice Mouse Antibody Variable Domain Constant Domain Chimeric Humanized Antibody Allows for Easy Full Humanization Human Therapeutic Antibody Atlas™ Mice Overview Atlas™ Mice were created through the intentional knock-in of human antibody regions into the mouse endogenous immunoglobulin loci, with discrete models to enable the generation of both monoclonal and bispecific antibodies. By containing the near full complement of human antibody gene sequence diversity, Atlas TM Mouse antibodies are selected for and matured in vivo, simplifying downstream engineering and streamlining the discovery and development process. Full Human Diversity Atlas™ Mouse for Monoclonal Antibody Discovery ∙ Full-diversity human heavy chain and kappa light chain ∙ Variable regions comprising >99% of commonly expressed human sequences ∙ Use of only functional variable heavy and kappa light chain regions, without pseudogenes or duplicates Binary Fixed Light Chain Atlas™ Mouse for Bispecific and Multispecific Antibody Discovery ∙ Common light chain enables the creation of bispecific antibodies with a structure that is most similar to a native antibody ∙ Stochastic choice from one of two fixed light chains with overlapping but distinct abilities to pair with diverse heavy chains ∙ Variable regions comprising >99% of commonly expressed human sequences

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