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INTRODUCTION 5 ALL WORKING TOWARDS INTEGRATED THINKING SOLVING CHALLENGES Why do we think? Thinking defines civilisations. When we are confronted with a perplexing challenge or an unfamiliar situation to which we have no response ready, we begin to think. Thinking is the characteristically human method of seeking a solution. It makes sense of the haphazard, or trial and error method common in the rest of the animal world. Taking the time to deal with a novel, complex or fluid situation by reflection, without first turning to overt action, is the distinguishing mark of us as human beings. Thinking is essentially purposive – directed and controlled. At Aurecon, the method of thinking that we are most commonly focused on is controlled, constructive, directed towards the solution of a challenge. Similarly, we explore the abstract and look to create solutions beyond the norm, the status quo. Our challenges may be practical or theoretical. As thinkers, our interest is aroused, which is an indispensable preliminary to all problem solving and a feeder for innovation in thought. But mere curiosity is not enough to stimulate constructive thought. The true thinker needs to analyse the situation — to break it up into its constituent elements in order to separate those that do and those that do not present any difficulty. And this is the beginning of creating truly meaningful solutions. As engineers, advisors, managers, modellers, planners, business analysts and technical consultants, this is what we do for our clients every day at Aurecon. Aurecon Thinking in action

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