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CAROLINE ST. ROMAIN v v FRIDAY, MARCH 7 3:30 PM Ballroom E Monkeys with Lazers: How MailChimp Does AI Hear from MailChimp's Chief Data Scientist John Foreman on how MailChimp does AI. There will be monkeys, and possibly lasers. John Foreman How to Spot a Liar...with Data Can you use data to spot a liar? Noah Zandan IoT: Is the Coming Plague of Devices Too Smart? Peter Biddle will explore the implications of devices be- coming too smart in this connected world. Peter Biddle Designing Smart Objects for Emotional People Exploring the impact of technology on human emotion, and how conversations with ourselves, our devices, and one another are evolving. Jennifer Dunnam 3:30 PM Ballroom F Starting Up in a Man's World Catherine Cook will discuss co-founding MeetMe at 15, a $100 million deal, and the qualities that are important for entrepreneurial success. Catherine Cook CEO at 31: Models, Lingerie, & NYC Adore Me CEO shares how to raise three rounds of fund- ing and build fastest growing brand in intimates, aimed at taking down Victoria's Secret. Morgan Hermand-Waiche Entering the Production Era of Cloud Computing Dave Wright will discuss how enterprises are delivering their own internal cloud infrastructure. Dave Wright A Funny Taboo: The Art of LOL for Business Women Funny business women? Women should appreciate comedy, not create it, right? WRONG. Business women are killing it with can too. Amy Harrison 5:00 PM Ballroom E AI: Natural Interactions Between Man & Machine How do we make man and machine come together so our interactions are organic? Vlad Sejnoha Know Thyself: Self Actualisation by Numbers Will the quantified self revolution hone our intuition to make us smarter? Or will the deluge of data cloud our natural instincts? Ben Essen Drive Me: Robotic Drivers & Re-Inventing the Wheel Driving is the next human-led activity where robots will soon take the wheel, literally, changing the way we live and work. Hod Lipson The Machines Will Free Us All The rise of the machines: can AI help free humans from mundane tasks and create a more just society? George John SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 169 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 169 Future 15 These sessions are a series of 12-minute solo presentations that are curated from ideas submitted through the PanelPicker. These short form presentations have proven to be immensely popular with SXSW attend- ees who generally want to digest as much information as quickly as possible. Future 15 presentations are grouped into two-hour- long blocks of programming that relate to a single theme. If you're interested in attend- ing these sessions, please keep in mind the quick format and capacity is limited. Please also note that on Tuesday, March 11 Ballrooms E and F will be used for traditional hour-long sessions. All Keynote sessions will be simulcast live in all session rooms equipped with a projector. SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 168 169 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival FUTURE 15 SESSIONS ACC, LEVEL 4 [BALLROOMS E & F]: 500 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET SPECIAL PROGRAMS SPECIAL PROGRAMS 4abc 12ab SX Bookstore SXXPress 11ab 13ab 17b PayPal Lounge 17a 6ab 7 5abc 10 c 16ab 15 Digital Domain 8a ACC Level 4 ACC Level 3 4 th Street Trinity Street East 1 st (Cesar Chavez) Street Red River Street 18abcd Ballroom E Ballroom F Ballroom D Getty Day Stage (Ballroom G) 10 ab 9 abc Beacon N Vuse Lounge Vuse Smoking Deck

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