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SXSW 2012 Interactive Festival | 73 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 73 Austin Capital Ballroom Austin Centre Offices Stairs (connects Ground Level to Ballroom Level) Justice Foyer Rotunda Congress Governor's Representative Senate Lone Star Liberty Executive 8 th Street 7 th Street San Jacinto Blvd Brazos Street Boardroom Foyer Balcony (overlooks Ground Floor) N Longhorn Art, Science and Inspiration Tucked inside this theme is a myriad of sessions that explore everything from culture, creativity and hacking to space exploration and performance art. These sessions will bring together visual, scientific, interactive and innovative means to spur inspiration. All Keynote sessions will be simulcast in all session rooms equipped with a projector. Venue Highlights MADE WITH CHINA: HACKERS, MAKERS & MANUFACTURERS Friday, March 7: 5:00pm | Capital Ballroom China is often portrayed as an enormous factory that pumps out products invented elsewhere. But as global "maker culture" is transitioning from a hobby into a profession, China is playing a sig- nificant role in changes to industrial production and hardware innovation. As China's DIY makers come together with manufacturers, they are spurring a shift in industrial production from "made in China" to "made with China." INSPIRED DESIGN: MEDITATION AND CREATIVITY Saturday, March 8: 9:30am | Capital Ballroom Creativity allows us to break through monotony and express the inexpressible. As creators and builders, we push ourselves to the limits in all respects, driving change through our ideas. Carrying this responsibility requires a big vision, lots of energy, and the ability to face uncertainty with cour- age and equanimity. Meditation is not only an amazing tool to clear the mind, but it also re-wires the way we operate to keep us in a space of energy and clarity. During this session, we'll explore the mind's powerful capabilities and teach practical techniques to help you unplug. FIRST SIGNS: FINDING LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS Sunday, March 9: 12:30pm | Lone Star The James Webb Space Telescope is the world's most ambitious scientific experiment. It is the suc- cessor to the iconic Hubble Space Telescope, and will be 100x more powerful. The Webb Telescope, is designed to answer some of the most puzzling scientific questions that humankind faces today. "How did the Universe form," "Is our Solar System unique," and "Are we alone?" Historically, inven- tors and technical innovators have worked well away from creatives. Both sets of people operate in very different worlds. Now, innovators are pushing the boundaries with technology whilst shar- ing their thoughts with creatives who are looking for new ways to capture people's imagination. Explore this subculture that is seeing technical innovators and creatives start to collaborate at the very beginnings of an idea. GOPIKA PRABHU BOB THACKER SILVIA LINDTNER IVAN CASH Level 2 Level 3 ART, SCIENCE & INSPIRATION OMNI AUSTIN DOWNTOWN HOTEL: 700 SAN JACINTO BOULEVARD FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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