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SXSW 2012 Interactive Festival | 95 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 95 Entertainment and Immersion The unique convergence of the Music, Film and Interactive industries at SXSW makes it an event unlike any other in the world. Whether exploring the importance of music in film, the future of TV, or the nature of entertainment, these sessions embrace and highlight the in- teraction of the creative and digital worlds. It is home to SXsports, new for 2014. This sports-focused track takes place Friday, March 7 through Sunday, March 9. It touches on all aspects of sports through the SXSW lens of cultural impact, entertainment, innovation and the forward-thinking convergence areas of those respective worlds. Entertainment and Immersion is also home to another new track of programming, focusing on fair use laws. All Keynote sessions will be simulcast in all session rooms equipped with a projector. Venue Highlights THE FUTURE OF SPORTS CAN BE FOUND IN THE DATA Friday, March 7: 5:00pm | Driskill Ballroom Whether it's wearable sensors with GPS capability or motion-tracking cameras capable of captur- ing 25 images per second, the science of athletics has moved beyond heart rate monitors and into the world of big data and analytics. Representatives from some of the world's leading firms will talk about how their products are changing the world of sports and what lies ahead. STOP PRICING TICKETS LIKE IT'S 1999 Saturday, March 8: 9:30am | Maximilian After television contracts, ticket sales represent the largest portion of a team's revenue. However, most ticketing decisions, and pricing approaches, are made using outdated practices. Learn how to better ticket pricing by incorporating data from both the primary and secondary market can be used to drive attendance and increase revenue, and even change fan purchasing behavior. Stop simply collecting data and start using it as the blueprint for better pricing. TV OR NOT TV? DEFINING NETWORKS IN THE DIGITAL AGE Monday, March 10: 11:00am | Driskill Ballroom In a multi-platform, decentralized, fast-growing marketplace, how can traditional television net- works evolve to remain relevant? Viewers are demanding more choices, more content and more convenience, which is pushing media organizations to re-think the way they do business. In this session, leaders from several of television's most iconic brands will share their views of where this is all going and what it means for content creators, distributors and viewers. STAND UP TO CONTENT BULLIES, KNOW YOUR COPY RIGHTS Tuesday, March 11: 12:30pm | Driskill Ballroom Copyright laws are complicated, and they're often the reason why your videos, mobile apps, and other content may get taken down. "Fair use" is complicated, but it's often the reason you can get your content back up. Learn some real-world best practices to use the law, Youtube's rules, and practical steps to fight back against content bullies. Citadel Driskill Ballroom Maximillian Room Jim Hogg Parlor Sixth Street Balcony Brazos Street Balcony Brazos Street 7 th Street 6 th Street N BARRY KAHN BRIAN STELTER JOHN SKIPPER PAULA KERGER Mezzanine ENTERTAINMENT & IMMERSION DRISKILL HOTEL: 604 BRAZOS STREET FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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