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20 1 4 O ctO b e r Printwear | 101 The 2014 Q&A TroubleshooTing guide What equipment do I need for the direct-to-garment process? Besides the direct-to-garment printer, other equipment is required as well. If you expect to print onto dark fabrics using white direct-to-garment ink, the garments should be sprayed with a special pretreatment fluid before printing. You can apply pretreatment fluid with several devices: a paint roller, an electric hand spray- er, or a commercial pretreating machine. After pretreating, the garment is damp with pre- treatment fluid and needs to dry before printing. You can use a heat press, conveyor dryer, convection air/I.R. dry box, or even hang it on a clothesline. In addition, you need a method to cure the direct-to-garment ink after printing. Again, there are several options to dry the printed garment, such as a heat press, conveyor dryer, or a convection air/I.R. dry box. The last piece of equipment needed is a PC or Mac computer with design software. Matthew RhoMe, epson aMeRica What is the best way to cure a direct-to-garment print? Certain direct-to-garment manufacturers say ink must be cured with a heat press while other manufacturers say to use a conveyor dryer. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions re- garding curing methods, but when the method of curing is not specific, you can find success with alternate methods. In some cases, indirect curing methods improve wash-fastness, print appearance, and the hand of the print. Many direct-to-garment owners use a conveyor dryer or a convection air/I.R. dry box to cure their prints. Whatever method you use, test the process to determine the proper curing temperature and dwell time as well as ensure wash-fastness. Matthew RhoMe, epson aMeRica pw MarketPlace DISPLAY ADVERTISING To advertise in the Marketplace, contact Diane Gilbert 800-669-0424, ext. 297

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