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STITCH SOLUTIONS 5 2 | Printwear O ctO b e r 20 1 4 If the customer needs the order in five business days and the competitor across town delivers in two weeks, the pricing has no bearing on your negotiations. Competing with that low price is now much less important when the customer's delivery date is the key factor for the order. The size of the design is another potential haggle zone. For example, the customer wants tiny lettering, but you know it will not look good. Have some examples on hand of logos with the best-looking small lettering that you've done. Also, have at least one example of a design with even smaller lettering that may not look as crisp. Showing the customer the best option may help him or her accept that your recommendations are made with cus- tomer satisfaction in mind. When a customer focuses on a rock-bot- tom price, you can play with the pricing, so long as the customer is flexible about the due date or garment brand. If you have time or brand flexibility, you can offer a better price by finding a deal from one of your suppliers. Your customer wins be- cause he or she gets the best price, and you win because you keep the necessary profit level when you get the blanks at a promo- | | | |

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