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20 1 4 O ctO b e r Printwear | 57 suggest bumper stickers he or she can give to the runners or water-bottle decals. Print- ing these products with a printer/cutter is as easy as switching out the media. Furthermore, if you have customers who use banners or T-shirts for an annual event, mark that event down on the calendar. Contact them several months prior to let them know you're thinking about the event and have some idea you'd like to share. You might add on to last year's order merely by suggesting a new or trendy product. Keep It GoInG To get staff onboard with upselling, sched- ule a training session where you go over the latest trends and products, discuss what you think you will be able to use to upsell to customers, and share some upselling success stories that will help employees understand how to upsell correctly. Take the time to work on subtle but ef- fective upselling techniques with them in- dividually. It's smart to revisit these training sessions every few months to refresh staff on what's new and share new upselling tech- niques. In addition, take time to shadow each per- son on your sales team every so often. You can see how each rep operates and where there's room for improvement or missed opportunities. Don't present it as an eval- uation but simply as constructive feedback. Use eMarKetInG and socIal MedIa One of the easiest ways to upsell is to use email marketing and social media tools, such as Facebook. Upselling online may seem like it's challenging, but there are ways to make it work. Consider, for example. When you add a product to your cart, related products pop up at the bottom of the screen. Applying this to our world: Say someone has added a custom banner to his or her on- line cart for a family reunion. Why not rec- ommend T-shirts using the same graphic? If your website doesn't have that capability, you have the option of sending a follow-up email promoting possible add-ons. Another way to use the Internet to upsell is by having online photo galleries on your website and a Facebook page. If you decide to use galleries, be sure to update them fre- quently so customers see the latest designs and products. Another tip: Ask customers if

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