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you can snap a photo of an item from their order and post it to Facebook and tag them. Most people will be happy to let you do this and will likely be flattered by your request. They may even direct new clients to your Facebook page to check out photo galleries. Seal the Deal Last, but not least, make sure you are listen- ing. We've all encountered the salesperson who talked too much. By tuning into what customers are saying and paying attention to reactions, you can glean information that will provide helpful hints on what type of enhancements to suggest. Watch for cues in the form of facial ex- pressions and body language to know if you're coming across as pushy or persuasive. A consultative, rather than a hard-sales ap- proach, ensures customers feel enlightened, not pressured. When clients leave your business, they should feel as if you tried to do the best job possible, not as if they were squeezed for their last penny. Upselling may seem like hard work at first, and that's because it is. It requires practice, patience, and actively paying attention to in- dustry trends and customers. However, with consistent effort, upselling becomes natural and, over time, will really pay off. pw maximize sales with Upselling Above: Because a printer/cutter prints four-color process onto white media, you do not have to stock multiple colors like you do when using only cutter material. Below: Special-effect materials make it easy to add bling to any logo or design. Bling is a great way to upsell to a material that you can make a little more margin on than the "regular" materials, and the cus- tomer is usually happier with the end product. This design combines a glitter with a white flock. 5 8 | Printwear O cTO B e r 20 1 4

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