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6 2 | Printwear O ctO b e r 20 1 4 selling sublimation the Gift Of Sublimation 4 TIPS TO BOOST HOLIDAY SALES G ift-giving occasions are a great time to sell sublimated items. People love giving unique gifts—something you can't pull off a shelf and find in everyone's home. Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, or christmas, people look for unique gifts that delight and impress, and you can bump up profits during many months of the year by focusing on holiday gifts. Here are some tips on accomplishing that goal. tiP #1: An exAmple is worth A thousAnd words. If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, decorate your space with items you sublimated. create an idea wall or area in your store that features gift ideas for upcoming holidays or special events, like anniversaries or birthdays. If you mainly sell online, create a page with ideas on your website. Many e-commerce packages offer options for recommending or spotlighting products, which makes putting together an event-themed page simple. regardless of where you sell, create a Pinterest account and use boards to promote gift ideas for holidays and special occasions. cus- tomers don't always know what they want, and gift giving can be stressful. Help by providing ideas. tiP #2: Gift Guides Are Good. Offer printed or online gift guides as a way to spotlight your unique gifts. Most gift guides are created months in advance, so start your research early. research guides in your target market and think outside the box. tiP #3: use the mediA—sociAl And otherwise. the trick is to publicize what you can do. Determine where your market is and how can you reach potential customers. Local television stations, magazines, and newspapers are always looking for stories about good gift-giving ideas. come up with a short segment featuring fun sublimated gift ideas for a local morning show or offer a short piece on holiday gifts for the local paper. If your business is national, take your promotion to social media. Post pictures of great gift ideas on your Facebook page or post links to your sublimated gift guide on your twitter feed. tiP #4: personAlized Gifts sell. What child could resist a mug or t-shirt with his or her name on it, espe- cially if the name isn't common? Who wouldn't cherish a personalized ceramic ornament celebrating a baby's first christmas or a personalized plate commemorating a first wedding anniversary? Frequently remind your customers that you can create unique, personalized items for a rea- sonable cost. Finding the right collection of goods that customers need is the key to sublimation selling success. From general interests to niche hobbies, sublimation is the perfect op- portunity to capitalize on the customization craze. pw

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