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not all jackets require these performance features throughout the whole piece. By strategically placing these features in critical areas of the body, the wearer obtains the utmost comfort and warmth where it is needed most. For example, moisture-wicking lining is now typically seen along the chest, underneath the arms, and on the back. The uses of this type of outerwear are endless for companies. In particular, companies can provide these garments to staff for com- pany incentives, team-building events, or outdoor activities. This outerwear is also popular among sports-oriented companies and companies with em- ployees working in outdoor settings. Elson YEung, Ash CitY/AlphAbrodEr Can we use the MLB logos for local youth leagues? Are there any legal issues? Logos are copyrighted by professional teams and should only be used by obtaining properly licensed products for use on youth league and team uniforms. Officially licensed headwear and apparel specifically for youth leagues are available. These garments only need a number on the back and are ready for on-the- field play. There is no hassle with the artwork and screens, so the turnaround time is much quicker. doug WilCoxson, bomArk sportsWEAr Is it possible to cut textiles with a laser with- out burning? Yes, all materials can be cut without burning using the correct power and speed settings. Begin with very light power and high The 2014 Q&A TroubleshooTing guide Above: to avoid any legal issues, use officially licensed headwear and apparel specifically produced for youth leagues. (Image courtesy of bomark Sportswear) Below left and below right: When cutting fabric with a laser, pay close attention to the machine's setting to get the best results and prevent burning. (Image courtesy trotec Laser) 8 0 | Printwear O ctO b e r 20 1 4 APPArel

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