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20 1 4 O ctO b e r Printwear | 8 3 The last point happened with two different direct-to-garment printers in my neighborhood over the past three years. I kept hear- ing, "The guy down the street is half your price." I said, "We charge what's necessary to stay in business while providing you the quality you desire. It's going out of business but doesn't know it yet." And it did. Why compete for low or negative profits? DaviD K. anDerson, imprint revolution What is the fastest way to jump-start my mar- keting plan? Focus your marketing plan—which shouldn't be more than about six pages—on the seven Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion, placement, proof, process, and people. The key to effective market- ing is ready, aim, fire—in that order. Zero in on what your business does better than any of your com- petitors. That's called your unique value proposition (UVP). Your UVP should: • Identify and address your best customers' strongest unmet needs, • Have immediate face validity in the eyes of your target market, • Be innovative, creative, or so different that your competition does not know how to provide the same thing, isn't willing to provide it, or can't afford to offer it. Make your UVP the cornerstone of each section of your market- ing plan. For example, if the clearly superior quality of your goods and services is your UVP, be sure the product, promotion, and peo- ple sections fully leverage your competitive advantage. The aim portion of effective marketing refers to clearly defining the geo-demographics of your best or target customers. Take time to identify your top 10 or 20 customers and describe them demograph- ically—how long have they been around, where are they located, how do they make buying decisions, who makes the final call, and when are they likely to need your services. You will see obvious pat- terns form for some of your demographic categories. Once you've identified people who are predisposed to buy from you, buy again, buy more, or buy something different, go out and get your name in front of prospective clients that look, sound, feel, and smell like your current best custom- ers. Good luck. vince Dicecco, Your personal Business trainer BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, SALES & MARKETING ThE 2014 Q&A TRoUBLEShooTING GUIdE

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