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22 n Performance & Hotrod Business n February 2015 PERFORMANCE N ow that the new year has arrived, are you ready to roll forward toward an even better bottom line for your business? Then talking tools may be in order. Much like the thousands of parts for cars that dance around the marketplace each year, tools have their time to shine. After all, they can mean big results on the profit side of the ledger. Time is money, so let's talk about tools as an important investment, their profit potential, and, heck, just because they're cool. We asked our sources about hot tools, benefits and that almighty return on investment. Their answers may surprise you, including what you should know about the connection between tool design and safety. New to the Toolbox First, let's start with hot new tools you may want to add to your toolbox. Michael Janey, creative services spe- cialist for Malco Products, highlights the award-winning QHT1A air-powered hem- ming TurboXTool for replacement quarter panels. "This tool requires virtually no learn- ing curve to successfully hem wheel arcs on panel replacements for late-model cars requiring a hemming operation to produce a like-new panel replacement," he says. "The QHT1A Hemming TurboXTool rep- licates a hammer and dolly motion at high speed, with greater precision, less fatigue and faster results—up to 80-percent faster, based on field trials." Features include a rubber-cushioned anvil that protects the quarter panel from scratches and scuffs and allows the anvil and stop pegs to be aligned along the fin- ished side of the wheel arc flange, while the hammer head works from the backside. A rounded bullnose hammer face is used on the initial pass to quickly roll over Doing it Right The proper tools of the trade are a must for after- market professionals. By John Carollo A properly stocked toolbox can offer profes- sionals many benefits including time savings, accuracy and safety. Professionals should invest in labor-sav- ing tools that are easy and safe to use, and that provide consistent high-quality results over a long service life. (Photo courtesy Malco Products)

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