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February 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 31 at can be adjusted to eliminate bogging. The philosophy behind the whole thing is why we call it a Soft-Lok. It's been our number one-selling clutch in drag racing. The other clutch that's been popu- lar for drag racing—especially for Stock Eliminator, where even our Soft-Lock is too much clutch—is our Mag Force road race clutch. It is an extremely light road racing clutch with a light, scalloped fly- wheel on a dual-disc, 8-inch clutch. These racers are getting the rotating mass so light that the tires will bite sooner. The low rpm equals dead-hooking the tire (no tire spin). Lightweight means no bog, and the car will accelerate faster. It allows for more consistency. The biggest misconception performance shops have when serving the Drag Racing market is … ... that their clutch assemblies have to have a tremendous amount of holding power. I think they tend to go overkill on the clamping mode. We started dropping pressures back in the 1970s for lower classes like Super Stock. At that time, if the car hooked up real tight on tires and clutch, then some- thing had to give and it ended up being the motor. The motors would drop 1,200- 1,500 rpm, pulling them out of the power band. We started developing clutches that were light and might give a little bit to keep from pulling the engine out of its power band. We're trying to help the motor stay in the power band, get the tires hooked and then move. So, the largest misconception is run- ning too much pressure. The philosophy transfers even down into street clutches. The outside factor that could poten- tially have the greatest impact on the Drag Racing market this year is … … that's a tough question, because it asks to predict the future. Of course the econ- omy is very important, as are the rules the associations enact every year. Shops should be excited about serv- ing Drag Racing customers in 2015 because … … I believe that in 2015, you're going to see more stick-shift cars showing up in the Stock and Super Stock Eliminator classes. We are doubly excited, because IHRA and even NHRA are considering allowing our Line Launch product (which allows man- ual transmissions to launch more like an automatic). It looks as if they may basically be allowed (in classes) where tranny brakes are allowed. The philosophy is to keep dropping pressure until you find the quickest 60-foot time. Make $$$ Selling Moroso Drag Race Products! phone: 203.453.6571 • tech line: 203.458.0542 • WET SUMP OIL PANS DRY SUMP OIL PANS TANKS ULTRA 40 IGNITION WIRE SETS OIL ACCUMULATORS Pre-Lubes engine before start up. Protects against oil pressure loss. Different valving & plumbing options avail. Our best, used in the Dual Mag. Top Fuel Cars to the top level of Circle Track Racing. Custom Fit and Univ. Sets Avail.

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