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February 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 41 to final-wash and rinse the block prior to painting and assembly, but the majority of the grunt work will be done. If you want to get really carried away, after smoothing out all surface irregulari- ties, you can address remaining imperfec- tions with a filling agent. If pockmarks or low spots are severe, consider using "All- Metal" body filler. This features a high content of alu- minum and holds up well to engine heat levels. However, it cures relatively hard, so be prepared to invest some serious elbow grease to sand smooth. Minor imperfec- tions can be handled with an epoxy filler- primer, followed by sanding, followed by more primer, more sanding, etc., until you achieve perfection. Just as with bodywork, start by rough- cutting and keep working your way to the desired finish by using progressively finer abrasives. After each coat of primer is applied and allowed to dry, dust the surfaces with a black spray paint, and then sand again. The black paint serves as a low-spot revealer, (as you sand, any low spots will remain black, indicating where additional filler is needed). This is a lengthy and very tedious process, (any body man is well-acquainted with this procedure), and certainly not needed for the average build. However, if you encounter a customer who demands this level of appearance, (and is willing to pay for your time), it's an option. Naturally, the block must be thor- oughly washed following any of these surface-prep activities. Applying the final paint should be done in stages, applying several thin coats as opposed to spraying one heavy coat. This is needed to both avoid heavy sags and runs, and also to pro- mote proper paint solvent release to ensure adequate drying. If you choose to go to these lengths of achieving a perfectly smooth engine block exterior surface, be prepared to invest in lots of abrasive materials, (Scotchbrite pads and sandpaper). In other words, treat the block as you would the body sheet metal. Just because the factory produced the block with ugly casting flashings and uneven exterior surfaces, that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. Dealer & Distributor Inquiries Welcome DESIGN ESIGN DESIGN ENGINEERING INC. PROTECT YOUR LINES & HOSES BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! ALWAYS USE PROTECTION... SOLUTIONS FOR ANY SITUATION (800) 264-9472 800-264-9472

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