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46 n Performance & Hotrod Business n February 2015 HOTROD I t's one of the biggest areas of improvements in hot rods and perfor- mance cars and trucks. The suspension of any cool ride is part of the operation (as in handling) as well as the appearance (as in looks). With so many types of chassis and different wants for handling, suspen- sion parts and systems can be the front line of virtually any shop. In fact, there are so many parts and systems centered around suspension that we tap into this market on a regular basis. This time, we asked our sources about trends, materials, changes and what's new. The Market Trends We started with something always worth watching: trends. Blake Foster, president of Speedtech Performance USA, tells us, "I think there are a few different trends, but all are moving in the same direction. It really depends on what type of car you are planning on building. A Pro- Touring '69 Camaro that may get auto-crossed and road raced, and a cruiser '57 Chevy are two totally different cars with different requirements. The '69 may get a LS7 or even a LS9 with a T56 and full floater rear end that needs coolers and big road race-type brakes, roll cage and harnesses. The '57 may want a 572 with a 4L80 transmission." Speedtech builds a line of subframe and full chassis that, with some tweaks in component selection, are designed to accommodate both cars, he explains. "In this case, changing the shock valving and spring rates, we can accom- plish a setup that is suited for the Pro-Touring crowd or the car show junkie By John Carollo The demand for certain makes and models has an influence on which products are offered for a given vehicle. That in turn can influence whether or not someone may purchase that vehicle with the intent on modifying it. (Photo courtesy QA1) Hot Rod Suspension Market Update What's New? Consumers are looking for high-quality components that work together and have been tested. (Photo courtesy Speedtech Performance)

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