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54 n Performance & Hotrod Business n February 2015 HOTROD PHB: Has Malco introduced any new metal fabrication tools recently? Janey: The QHT1A Air Powered Hemming TurboXTool, for replacement quarter panels, was introduced in August 2014. This tool requires virtually no learn- ing curve to successfully hem wheel arcs on panel replacements for late-model cars requiring a hemming operation to produce a like-new finished look. The QHT1A Hemming TurboXTool replicates a ham- mer and dolly motion at high speed, with greater precision, less fatigue and faster results. The user can quickly hem a range of wheel arc flange widths up to 3/4 inch (19.05 mm). A rubber cushioned anvil protects the quarter panel from scratches and scuffs and allows the anvil and stop pegs to be aligned along the finished side of the wheel arc flange while the hammer head works from the backside. A rounded "bull (Photo courtesy Malco Products Inc.) nose" hammer face is used on the initial pass to quickly roll over the flange edge. A change out to the flat face side of the ham- mer head is used to close and seal the flange in one easy pass. And the anvil and working hammer may be cleaned of any adhesive residue, resulting from the hemming opera- tion, by using a common solvent. PHB: Describe some examples of how your equipment is used in a hotrod/ restoration shop. How does it benefit the shop? Janey: From Malco's point of view, the biggest benefit for the professional's tool investment should be quality design and manufacture; labor-saving tools that are easy and safe to use and that provide con- sistent high-quality results over a long ser- vice life. And this is true for any size shop. All Malco power-assisted TurboShears and TurboXTools are available in both air-powered and drill attachment models. Our air tools are compatible with any shop air supply and versatile and portable drill attachments fit a cordless drill or impact driver that the technician already owns. PHB: What are your top suggestions on how to get the best results from using these tools? Janey: Malco's Turboshears and TurboXTools are designed to be better solutions in any number or combination of ways: performance, speed, ease of use, durability, results. The best way to put these benefits to work is to use the tools. Getting familiar with the tools and getting over any learning curve will reap benefits early-on and avoid the pitfall of reverting to old practices and under-utilizing or wasting an investment. PHB: Is manufacturer training provided? Janey: Malco provides demonstra- tion/application videos for all of our TurboShears and TurboXTools. These are not complex tools, but technicians must devote a little time to familiarize themselves with features and operation to maximize labor savings and performance. Cutting a large diameter hole in sheet metal using a Blair large diameter Holcutter. (Photo courtesy Blair Equipment Co.)

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