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USMX -- Five Years of Growth 1997-2002

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- - - Chairman's Remarks I ~ " ~ O n J a n u a r y l , 2 0 0 2 , 1 b e c a m e t h e C h a i r m a n a n d C E O of the United States Maritime Alliance, Ltd. (USMX), f ~ ~ ~ 1 ~ a position that had been ably filled by David J. To[an since the creation of USMX shortly after the historic 1996 Master Contract was negotiated. That A~reement resulted from the unprecedented cooperation of the carriers, terminal operators and port associations. We should recognize Dave To[an's efforts in helping to bring this about. As USMX moves forward, it is my hope that the membership will always remember that the foundin~ principal on which USMX operates is that Management and the Longshore Industry are best served when the carriers, stevedores, terminal operators, and port associations continue to work together as a team. It was teamwork that ted to the 1996 Master Contract and the extension in 2000, and it wilt be that same spirit that wilt insure the future success of USMX. As we enter 2003, the chaUenge we face is crystal clear. We must continue the relationship with our counterparts in the ILA as we begin negotiations. We must be prepared to protect the savings we achieved through the 1996 Master Contract, while at the same time pursuing the right to make whatever changes are required to increase productivity and efficiency. Our preparations must put us in a position where we can convince the ILA that a more efficient Longshore Industw wilt benefit both Management and the ILA in the [on~] run. In addition to the paramount challenge noted above, USMX wilt continue to be caUed upon to represent our industry on a wide variety of issues affecting our operations. As we have done in the cot[ective bargaining area, I am confident that with the cooperation of all segments of our membership, USMX wilt continue to enhance its reputation as the premier Management representative in the Longshore Industry. I look forward to working with the Directors and Membership to achieve our goals and protect our interests. It is also important that we take this opportunity to recognize the contributions made over the years by our dear friend, John MiUard. His dedication, tenacity and, particularly, his ~reat wit, wilt be sorely missed in the years ahead. James A. Capo Chairman/CEO P a g e 2

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