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3 TIPS FOR EVENT SUCCESS Written by Christy Duke Tournament Sales Manager Bolingbrook Golf Club Contributions by Eric Aldrich Head Golf Professional A guru, as defined by Merriam Webster, is a teacher or guide that you trust. Well, consider me your golf event guru. Planning an event can be a strenuous undertaking, even for the seasoned event planner; therefore, it is impera- tive you have someone like me on your side when planning and execut- ing your golf event. Here are 3 simple tips to make your 2015 event a successful one. SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship plays 3 major roles in your event: 1) Sponsorship can foster the strength of your organization's brand when associated with high-profile sponsors. 2) Sponsorship money can help underwrite specific portions of your event, even player entry fees. 3) Sponsorship can provide prizes and/or auction items to help raise additional funds. A good rule of thumb is to try to break even on the event with entry fees and make your money through sponsorship contributions; but tracking down sponsors can be a daunting task. My best advice is to bolster value in your sponsorship packages and in some cases; added value does not have to include foursomes. There is an endless number of exposure opportunities for sponsors---just ask me for the list! Increase a sponsor's brand aware- ness and they will be more likely to support your event. .63-56>*OPJHNV

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