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34 Issue 73 / 2015 DNB DJ Sly and Shaydee, how's it going? SLY: Cool guys SHAYDEE: It's all good in the hood right now! For those that might not have heard of you, can you give a short introduction to our readers? SLY: I am DJ Sly the Shadow Demon DJ, also half owner of Higher Stakes Recordings and part of the Low Down Deep Recordings team. SHAYDEE: East London MC/artist/songwriter and your all round general friendly neighbourhood superhero! This year marks the 15th anniversary of Shadow Demon. Knowing you're originally fans and family members of the SDC, what are your three favourite SDC events of all time and why? SLY: For me the 10 years SDC open air event in Birmingham is defo one that stands out - the hard work that went in to it, and to pull it off was amazing. The event we did with Low Down Deep at Indigo 02 in London was massive event for us and selling out Indigo was big for us, 2000+ people came out to support us that night. Big ups! Finally I would say mine and Shaydee's first bash at Bristol O2, to fill up the O2 for the first time was a buzz. SHAYDEE: Demon Coalition 10 Years open air event in Brum was LOCO, and BassMan birthday bashes, take ya pick! Probably my most fave event was myself n Sly's maiden birthday event at Bristol O2. That's our slice of history. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received and who gave it to you? SLY: Too many big names have given me advice, but one that stands out the most was Bret from Telepathy. He told me to be myself, work hard, to come with my own style, don't watch people and to stand tall. SHAYDEE: My pops always told me, "son never blow bubbles in the fish tank." Do the math! What are your thoughts on live drum and bass acts? SLY: I like lots of live acts if they have done it right. I don't get these live acts where all the MCs are just chatting over other people music and not their own. SHAYDEE: I am all for live DnB acts and it's 100% something I am planning to get into if the ingredients are right! What does 2015 hold for Sly / Shaydee? SLY: I'm working on lots of projects not just DnB. This year will see a DJ Sly EP on Low Down Deep, also a Higher Stakes Rock2art album, a Pretty P single and EP, 3 INTERVIEW DJ Sly aND ShayDEE After many years of hard work earning their stripes on the UK jungle and DnB scenes, we got to hear from the infamous East London crew that is Shadow Demon Coalition. We sat down with two lads who have proved their worth, DJ Sly and Shaydee. " Probably my most fave event was myself n Sly's maiden birthday event at Bristol O2. That's our slice of history. " Interviewed by: DJ Chef

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