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7 35 Issue 73 / 2015 DNB singles from Trigga, a Ragga Twins EP, lots of music with Shaydee aka Capo, a bag of remixes, DJing all over the world, and our SDC tour all over 2015. Defo busy year for us. SHAYDEE: Our work rate as a combination is second to none, and with the team and our label, all this is channelled into everything we do, so probs not enough space to tell ya but the proof is in the pud! How would you describe the music you make? SLY: Good vibes to make you feel good and on the other hand makes you want to do a bass face! SHAYDEE: We make a lot of music across the board now so it all depends on the specific genre and concept, but as an overall for myself it's real #CouncilEstateOfMind for the hood and from the struggles! Do you have any production advice for those budding producers out there? SLY: Be yourself. Don't copy anyone's style, just take note on what's going on. And one big point, LEARN YOUR TOOLS. SHAYDEE: I don't touch the buttons much but any music I make, I'm there throughout the whole process and have max input, cause I am meticulous about my music top to bottom, start to finish! Who or what are your biggest inspirations? SLY: My mum is defo massive inspiration, and all those I work with, and my close mates. SHAYDEE: That's too big a question with too little space for me personally to give you the multiple answers it would require to really do it justice! What have been the key moments in your career so far? SLY: Getting that first gig for Telepathy, being part of Kool FM, meeting Shaydee, Trigga and Bassman - being part of Shadow Demon means a lot. Starting a label with Pacso, being connected with Low Down Deep, and playing at events all over the world. SHAYDEE: Working with people like Bassman, Ragga Twins, A Guy Called Gerald, Curtis Mantronix always reminds me how far we have come. WestFest main stage as the first underground DnB crew, #Mythical. What do you get up to in your spare time away from drum & bass DJing/MCing/production? SLY: I make all types of music so I'm always in the studio. If I do have any spare time I'm chilling, having a day off doing fuck all! SHAYDEE: What spare time, you kidding right?! My musical brain never takes a day off and I don't know that Ferris Bueller dude neither. Any time I get goes to raising my daughter! We usually try to get a funny story from our interviews, has anything happened recently that has amused you? SLY: Too many to just pick one, but one story from many years ago. Before I got my driving licence I was driving this little Metro. Shaydee, Chef and myself were doing a pirate station somewhere and the motor broke down, the lads jumped out to give me a jump start, the car took off, and I didn't see this massive kerb, and the car flew through the air like it was Knight Rider on a turbo boost. When I pulled up, them two were on the floor crying with laughter at me and from that night/morning I was the stunt car driver. Funny times! SHAYDEE: Earlier I literally heard about a new DnB dude called MC Mr Shadey, and I found that HIGHLY AMUSING, I can't lie! So because I'm the original and I'm big like that, I thought I'd give him a shout out and ask him is it really worth it?! Thanks for your time guys, hope to see you on the road at some point over the next few months.

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