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39 Issue 73 / 2015 INDIE / ROCK interview Cam Cole We caught up with blues rock band Cam Cole – guitarist and singer Cam, and drummer James – while they were busking in London How did you guys get into music? CAM: I've been playing music since I was really, really young. I've always been able to play and drum and things like that, and I got into guitar when I was like seven, sort of self-taught since then. I've really always loved blues and ever since I was growing up, I liked rock and roll, really old school rock and roll like Jerry Lee Lewis, that kinda thing, I like John Lee Hooker. JAMES: I was more into playing everything, like lots of different styles, rather than listening, because I studied drums, so I just went and did that. And how did you start playing together? JAMES: We used to practice in our back garden at first, we didn't really have a set together, we kind of just played songs that we knew vaguely didn't we? Just jammed them and winged it for a couple of hours. CAM: Yeah just sort of 12 bar blues and things like that, and just made it sort of dirty and White Stripes-y. You busk a lot, how do you find it? What's that like as opposed to playing a proper gig? JAMES: When you're playing on the street you've gotta try and pull them in, you've gotta do something that's gonna make them stop and watch and listen. Obviously we wanna spread the music and try and get somewhere on an artist level. CAM: The thing is you've gotta gather your own crowd, it's not like the crowd are there to see you. It's better in a way right, because a lot of times you get paid more than you do for gigs in London you know. Has busking helped you as musicians? JAMES: It definitely helped me as a performer. You know to talk to the crowd I used to be very nervous beforehand whereas now I'm not, I'm really confident about it. CAM: You gotta be entertaining, it's as simple as that, or else people will just walk away, and that's what I like about it, you know, because it teaches you to be a better entertainer, and that's what the whole industry is about. JAMES: When your busking you have to tell them jokes, you have to put a bit of comedy in there. What's been the best thing about performing on the street? CAM: My fan base has just increased massively since I've been street performing properly. It's a really good way of making money as a musician. JAMES: I think it's good for meeting people as well, for sure. CAM: Yeah meeting people. We met you guys, we met loads of people who offer us shows and gigs which are paid and other things, you know, it helps your career as a musician. Watch the boys busking on the Guestlist YouTube channel " You gotta be entertaining, it's as simple as that, or else people will just walk away, and that's what i like about it. " Interviewed by: Becky Dorgan

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