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42 Issue 73 / 2015 HIPHOP / RNB In an interview with New York station Power 105 at the end of February, Kanye revealed that his new album is "80% done". He's since dropped the title on Twitter, So Help Me God. The tweet also contained an image believed to be the album artwork – the diamond- connected m's are a 13th century symbol for the Virgin Mary. The fact that he used the image as a backdrop for his surprise gig at KOKO, we're pretty certain on this one. There's no release date for the project though, Ye plans to do a Beyoncé/ Drake and spring it on us. Yeezy reveals new album name and potential artwork Chester P This month we're showing some love for true UK hip hop royalty Chester P is often lauded as one of the most important rappers ever to emerge from the UK scene, and with good reason. Born in Sunderland and later moving to the tough North London area, Canonbury, Chester P had musical blood running through his veins from the very start, with his dad Peet Coombes playing guitar with 80s synth legend Annie Lennox in the pre-Eurthymics bands. Chester and his brother Farma G began making hard-hitting and gritty rap music as duo Task Force in the early 90s, around the same time that hip hop in the US was beginning to blow up in a big way. However, while the eyes of the world were on the crack dealing, blunt smoking antics of 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg, Chester and Farma were building an entirely new scene in the UK, one where poverty and desperation weren't glamorised but presented for what they really are; fucking horrible. The dark lyricism of Task Force struck a chord with British fans of the US scene who, despite enjoying the music, didn't find their American counterparts that relatable, and the UK hip hop scene was born in earnest. Multiple mixtapes and albums later, both with his brother and as a solo artist, Chester P has forever established his place at the top of the UK hip hop tree, treated with almost God-like reverence by rappers and fans alike. More @ 'The Breach' has a darker, more intense sound than Lazy Habits' earlier work; pounding beats are complemented by MC Lazy's hard-hitting lyrical delivery. It sounds bigger and better with every listen. The visuals are a perfect match for the track - the video features Taron Egerton, who you'll know from recent blockbuster Kingsman: The Secret Service. In the video, a timid Taron struggles through a wild, hedonistic hen night, wondering what has become of his life. Shot at Hackney spot Passing Clouds, the vid also features a cameo from Northern Soul's Joshua Whitehouse. The views are racking up and rightly so. traCk of the Month Lazy habits - the breaCh Lazy Habits are back with their first single from sophmore album The Atrocity Exhibition Rat Race Parallax Lionheart Negash Ali The Blacker The Berry Kendrick Lamar Mustang Ameriie Here's the hip hop on our playlist this month: oUr PLayList news kanye droPs new aLbUM de- taiLs

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