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How's life treating you right now? Life is good. Giving thanks for life everyday. You used to travel to Jamaica with your father when you were younger, how important were those trips for starting your love for reggae? I think reggae was instilled in me from birth. As a kid growing up I never considered how important those trips to Jamaica were because it just seemed normal. I suppose looking back on it now the trips were very important because I got to experience the culture and understand what really goes in to making the music. We hear you were classically trained in piano and violin, do you have any cause to flex your musical skills? I love to play the piano with my son. He is at the tender age of 1 and is very interested by the piano in our house. Do you think having a technical expertise at playing another instrument gives you a musical advantage? I think without doubt it does because the ability to read and play music is something you never forget. When did you first start playing music and DJing? We always had musical instruments and turntables at my house so probably from a young age. Growing up in London during the 90's jungle was everywhere so for me as a teenager going to record shops, buying tape packs and mixing in our bedrooms was part of everyday life. How did Extra Stout Sound come into being? And where did the name come from? Extra Stout was formed by myself and 3 good friends through our love for reggae and dancehall music. The name came about due to our drinking habits. I heard a rumour Guinness were filing a case against us. Do have a favourite spot to DJ in London? Anywhere with a solid sound system and a good bunch of people. Brixton is always a great vibe and I recently played at Paradise in Kensal Rise which was a lot of fun. What do you think about nature vs nurture? Were you always destined to be involved in music or did your upbringing instil the vibe in you? Only Jah knows. You've got the Sunday night show on Bang Radio, tell us a bit about how you originally got involved? Bang Radio spotted me DJing in a club and approached me about coming on board with them. The rest is history. Who are the hottest artists in reggae right now? We want some ones to watch! I would say Chronixx and Protoje are the front runners for reggae music at the moment. Dre Island is going to be one to watch for the future. You recently joined the USM family, what can you tell us about your new EP? It's going to be something different and maybe not what people would expect from me. I have collaborated with a couple of artists who I can't name yet but are really talented. Why did you leave over a year between the new one and Paranoid Riddims, which came out in 2013? It all comes down to timing really. I think everything needed to fall in to place with the right artists for the right tracks. It's all come together now and I'm really excited about sharing the EP. Any other exciting projects coming along the line that you wanna tell us about? I've just done a mix compilation for Port Royal which has got some great reggae and dancehall anthems on there. I'm going to be doing more events with Riddim Up! who brought Dre Island to the UK last year. What are you most excited about for this year? Got any festivals lined up? The EP is top of my list. I am going to be performing at Farr Festival in the UK and Reggae Giel in Belgium, which is going to be an amazing experience as I'm bringing a very special artist with me from the UK. Now for some Guestlist questions. What was the first record you bought? Foxy Brown ft Blackstreet - 'Gotta Get You Home'. If you could play absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Jamaica Which three people would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Amy Winehouse, 2pac and Herbie Hancock for the ultimate jam. If you had any super power for a day, what would it be and what would you do with it? I was a big fan of the Back to The Future films so it would have to be time travel. i would travel back in time to meet as many of my idols as I could. 7 51 Issue 73 / 2015 REGGAE / DANCE HALL We caught up with the Bang Radio presenter and DJ to talk about piano skills, his new EP, and reggae ones to watch " Growing up in London during the 90's jungle was everywhere so for me as a teenager going to record shops, buying tape packs and mixing in our bedrooms was part of everyday life. " INTERVIEW Jamie Rodigan Interviewed by: Nelly Haycock

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