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7 7 Issue 73 / 2015 GUESTLIST It's a shoredtIch tIng: PorrIdge café surPrIse, surPrIse, the banks are stIll takIng lIbertIes HSBC have been caught breaking the law and they're trying to wriggle out of it HSBC are embroiled in a huge scandal after the operations of their Swiss subsidiary – providing services to corrupt businessmen, money launderers, blood diamond traders, drug runners and criminals, and helping wealthy customers evade tax and hide millions – were exposed to the public. The bank admitted wrongdoing, "We acknowledge and are accountable for past compliance and control failures", and thought that would about do. Chief executive Stuart Gulliver and chairman Douglas Flint have so far refused to take personal responsibility for the failings. Instead Flint has piled blame on the Swiss management, and has even had the audacity to describe the information leak as "data theft". Isn't it interesting that he can perceive criminal activity carried out by others but not by himself? The Bank of England's top regulator insists that HSBC bosses should be held personally accountable for the scandal because they were repeatedly told the bank was too unwieldy to manage. Why do bankers think they are impervious to the law? A half-assed apology for some pretty hefty crimes is utterly ridiculous considering all the petty things regular people get in trouble for. Sorry doesn't cut it and this tax dodging bullshit has got to stop. Hot on the heels of a café only serving cereal is a café only serving porridge. Clearly hipsters have demanding breakfast needs. Porridge specialises in 25 different types of porridge made from 11 different grains. The range includes your standard porridge with a variety of sweet and fruity toppings, to savoury options like slow- cooked beef ragu, chorizo, and porcini mushroom. So risotto then. Prices range from £2.35 for a basic bowl to a hefty £7 for the heartier options. Grains ain't cheap. Porridge is the brainchild of Nik Williamson and Elly Harrington, who got the idea after visiting a porridge-only café in Copenhagen. Despite opening in Shoreditch, Williamson insists his café is nothing like fellow breakfast pushers Cereal Killer; they've gone for Scandi-chic rather than novelty kitsch. Good, becuase otherwise it'd be silly. of your own money unless you can see where you'll get the money back from. Listen to our "All In My Business" programme and use Twitter – it's been amazing for us. And pop in for a cuppa with us sometime! If you can say, do you have a favourite show? Which one? They're all wonderful! We've recorded over 700 shows, ranging from new music to local news to programmes about business and comedy. There really is something for everyone - celebs from Jarvis Cocker to Tommy Walsh, music from Vintage to Kizomba. If you could have anyone present a show on ELR, who would it be and why? Someone from East London, who never thinks they could make radio, lacks confidence, but find they can and have something to say. It could be in any community language, the only areas we don't cover are religion or politics. What music are you listening to right now? Kizomba – and if you don't know what that is – check out our Kizomba Talk programme. In the last few years, East London has exploded as a creative hub, why do think that this happened here rather than in other areas of the capital? We have amazing creative people living here – from Shoreditch, Hackney Wick, Leytonstone and beyond. The wonderful diverse mix of people here means there's so many different influences and backgrounds merging, meaning we're bursting with creativity. What do you love most about East London? The people – the most diverse community in the world, all generally getting on really well. We've found people are really passionate about where they live, and willing to help each other. It's a great place to be. What does the future hold for ELR? Any exciting projects coming up that you'd like to tell us about? Continued growth, more amazing volunteers, more studios – our next will be in the middle of a park – find out where by following us on this journey! And we want to be at many festivals in the summer – contact us to get us along to yours! How can people get involved in ELR? Sadly, we have a waiting list right now, particularly for presenting roles. We'd love to support more volunteers, which we can do when we can secure more funding. But please email volunteers@eastlondonradio. It may take a while, but we'll organise a time for a chat and take it from there. The nation's first café dedicated to oats, called Porridge (obviously) has just opened in Shoreditch

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